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Water Restrictions




As you are aware, Stage 2 water restrictions were implemented by the Board of Trustees of the Meredith Road Improvement District on August 6, 2023.


Initially members were referred to the 2023 Water Use Restrictions table as published by the CVRD.  The CVRD table operates on an odd/even address schedule.  Typically, this would work just fine; however, it has come to the Board’s attention that MRID has a much larger number of odd addresses compared to even addresses as all of Meredith Road has odd numbered addresses.  This could impact the draw down on the MRID tanks in a heavy way on odd days.


As such, please adjust your designated watering day as follows:

  1. Where the CVRD watering restrictions table says odd numbers – this will be all the houses on Meredith Road; and
  2. Where the CVRD watering restriction table says even numbers – this will be the rest of the houses in the District; on Mutter, Voutrait and Baptiste.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Board of Trustees, Meredith Road Improvement District


Current Events


The 2023 CVRD Water Use Restrictions Table can be found at the link below:



Frequently Asked Questions


1.Q:  Who do I contact in an emergency ?

   A: There is an emergency number on the front of the main home page,or, any of the board members listed under contacts.


2. Q; What is the water safety testing procedure ?

    A: There is a set duration to take water samples and submit for testing.  Please refer to the below link for test results:


3. Q: Does the MRID chlorinate ?

    A: No, under the current system and as long as the test results are good we are not required to or is it necessary to chlorinate.


4.Q: Do you have recommended water saving tips?

   A: See the link at the top of the main page under water conservation


5.Q: I have a suggestion or concern, who should I contact ?

   A: There is a form on the contact page you can use, or you can contact any of the board members.




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