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THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2022
between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm
Work should be completed in one day


In the event of inclement weather, the flushing may be postponed until weather clears.  Should this occur, please check the District website for the revised dates at


Interruption in water supply is not anticipated however, you may notice less pressure than normal.

Further, residents may experience some air in the lines and/or discolouration of the water supply during these  operations.  Should this occur, running a cold water tap for a short period will help to restore the water quality to normal.  

Should the problem persist, please call 
Improvement District Chair John Green at (250) 857-4906.

Frequently Asked Questions


1.Q:  Who do I contact in an emergency ?

   A: There is an emergency number on the front of the main home page,or, any of the board members listed under contacts.


2. Q; What is the water safety testing procedure ?

    A: There is a set duration to take water samples and submit for testing.The link the test results:


3. Q: Does the MRID chlorinate ?

    A: No, under the current system and as long as the test results are good we are not required to or is it necessary to chlorinate.


4.Q: Do you have recommended water saving tips?

   A: See the link at the top of the main page under water conservation


5.Q: I have a suggestion or concern, who should I contact ?

   A: There is a form on the contact page you can use, or you can contact any of the board members.




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